How To Increase Business To Your Bar or Restaurant

Posted: Sep 25, 2012 By Administrator

Increasing business to your bar or restaurant isn't always an easy task escpecially when it's brand new. Any restaurant that wants to compete in this day and age has to do something new and different to stay ahead of local competitors.

Your first step in bringing in customers to your bar or restaurant is to hire a friendly, outgoing and knowledgeable staff. We have seen so many restaurants fail strictly because their staff wasn't friendly or didn't have the proper training. Customer service is one of the most important aspects you can bring to your restaurant and without it, your business will surely fail. Remember, you only get one first impression so make sure whether it be from a host, a bartender, a manager, server or anyone else, you smile and make it count. How many times have you gone to a restaurant and had terrible service and thought to yourself, "I will never go there again?" This happens far to often so make sure that you find the right employees and that they are properly trained. Having that excellent bartender or server will keep your customers coming back again and again.

So you have your staff in place but how do you bring in customers?

The answer to that is based on a number of different factors. For instance, who are your clients going to be? Is there a theme to your bar or restaurant (sports bar, Irish bar, Italian food, pizza, pub, etc)? Is there an age group that you are catering too? Is it located in a residential area or major city?

One of the easiest ways to bring in new customers is to offer new promotions. Below is a few that we have put together that will get you started in the right direction to bringing your more business.

1) Happy Hour: Half off drinks or appetizers is great way to get people in at certain or peak hours.

2) Sporting Events: Broadcasting sporting events will help bring in crowds (NFL, MLB, UFC).

3) Live Music: Having a live band or karaoke night is always fun and will certainly draw in a crowd.

4) Theme Nights: Having a theme like 80's night or costume parties creates a fun environment for everyone. (Give away prizes and/or coupons to those that participate)

5) Beer & Wine tastings: Get in touch with local vendors to have your customers try out new beers and wines.

6) Rewards Cards: Offer rewards and discounts for those repeat and loyal customers.

7) Trivia/Game Night: Use trivia games for discounts and/or promotions.

There are a million different ideas out there so get creative and find a promotion that fits your bar or restaurant needs. Remember, not every day needs to have a promotion involved. If you know that typically tuesday nights are generally slow, those are the days you would want to offer something new and different to bring in customers.

Advertising To Increase Business:

Advertising in local papers and magazines is another great way to get more customers into your restaurant or bar. Don't forget about the internet as well. Make sure you have a website set up and are listed in google along with the other major search engines. Utilize social networking sites like twitter, facebook and of course findyourserver, to let customers know what is going on. You should create an advertising budget that fits your needs and stick with it.

Now that we have given you some essential ways to increase business to you bar or restaurant, why not take it one step further. Sign up on our website today and grow your customer base exponentially. After all, our website is geared toward the restaurant, bar, and service industry altogether. Some of the benefits of joining are listed below.

1) You can connect directly to your customers and employees to send out promotions.

2) You can create banner advertisements that not only display on your page but on any employees page that's linked to you as well.

3) You can read reviews and view your rating to see how others view your business.

4) Allow others to check-in to your restaurant or bar when they visit so you can see who is there.

5) You can post photos or videos to show others what is happening at your bar/restaurant.

6) Allow others to send you personal feedback or messages.

7) Post unlimited jobs directly on our new job board and view your applicants profiles.

There are a ton of things you can do on 'FYS' so take a minute and sign up today. If you want to increase your customers and keep them coming back to your bar or restaurant, then signing up is a must! Also, have all your employees sign up and tell their friends to connect with your business for additional marketing resources and potential new customers. By doing this, you are able to send out promotions to not only people connected to you, but to your employees connections as well. There is no limit to how much you can promote or advertise by becoming a member.

One last thing to help you increase your customer base is to add menu alternatives for those with dietary restrictions or vegetarians. For your bar or restaurant, this could mean offering a veggie burger or a few gluten-free dishes. The more options you offer for customers with special diets and needs, the wider your potential customer base will be.

We hope this post was helpful to you and we welcome your feedback and comments. If you feel we should add anything, drop us a line and let us know.


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